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Dumpster Rentals in Fredericksburg, VA

At Mobiledumps, we offer a unique mobile dumpster rental that makes the process of renting a commercial dumpster more efficient compared to the use of a stationary, traditional roll-off dumpster. It’s called Mobiledumps, and our dumpster trailers feature a load capacity of 14 cubic yards. As a mobile unit, this dumpster runs on wheels, providing you with exceptional flexibility to remove debris faster and more efficiently from your site in Fredericksburg, VA.

Features of Our Dumpster Rental Service in Fredericksburg, VA

With a loading capacity of at least eight pickup trucks, the Mobiledump offers plenty of room for different debris removal operations. This mobile dumpster rental unit includes 4-foot-high walls that keep your loaded debris confined, rear doors that swing outward, and a floor deck low enough to make loading a much easier task compared to that required by other types of standard roll-off dumpsters.

Getting Your Dumpster Trailer Onsite

It’s a breeze to get one of our Mobiledump units to your residential or commercial site, just schedule a Mobiledumps delivery to your location by tapping the “Book Now” button on our website. We will send your dumpster rental to the exact location you specify. All that is left for you to do is begin filling up your mobile dumpster. Once you have completed that task, someone from our team will drive out to pick up the dumpster unit and take it away.

Contact Us for a Dumpster Rental in Fredericksburg, VA

To find out more about our mobile dumpster rental for commercial and residential waste removal applications, give us a call today at (703) 291-0191. Or, book a mobile dumpster rental delivery online to your location right now.

Why Mobiledumps®?

Large Capacity

Large Capacity

Our trailers have more than enough space for your project. With 14 cubic yards of space, they’re the goliath of the mobile waste-disposal world – equivalent to eight or more pickup truck loads. With 4-foot-high walls, there’s ample room for you to securely pack in your waste.

Effortless Loading

Effortless Loading

Ease of use is in our DNA. Our trailers feature convenient “swing-open” back doors designed close to the ground to make loading a breeze. No more straining or stretching – just simple, straightforward loading.

Damage-Free Guarantee

Damage-Free Guarantee

Say goodbye to worries about heavy drop-off trucks or weighty roll-offs damaging your driveway or nearby roads. Our wheel-based dumpsters keep your property pristine while efficiently managing your waste.

Precision Placement

Precision Placement

Our dumpsters aren’t just adequately sized; they’re also nimble. Thanks to their wheeled design, we can place them in areas typical roll-off dumpsters wouldn’t dare go. This ease of access simplifies your loading process and eradicates the need for unsightly and potentially unlawful street placement. Plus, our dumpsters are as chic as waste management gets – attractive, homeowners association-friendly, and don’t require special placement permits.

Residential or Commercial, We’ve Got You Covered

Commercial Dumpster Rental



Mobiledumps is your reliable partner for efficient commercial waste management solutions. Whether you’re in construction, retail, renovation, or any other industry, our robust 14-yard wheeled dumpsters are equipped to handle your waste disposal needs with ease.
Residential Dumpster Rental



Mobiledumps provides an exceptional, hassle-free dumpster rental service tailored specifically for residential needs. Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation, decluttering, or managing the aftermath of a big event, our 14-yard wheeled dumpsters are designed to effectively handle all your waste disposal needs.


19 Foot Long Mobile Dumpster Trailer

A Customer-First Mindset

Greg Bajan

Their one-day service is great. There are not a lot of options in town that offer to drop it off and then pick it up within 24 hours.

Chris Poels

The way our business changes schedules frequently, and in the fast-pace that we move, Mobiledumps has always been very accommodating in meeting our needs.

Jeremy Creasey

Mobiledumps is able to come in, parallel park between two cars, not disrupt the neighborhood, and keep it clean and easy.

Locally Owned

Dump Rent Fredericksburg VA

Mobiledumps is the best way for homeowners and business owners in the Fredericksburg, VA area to rent a dumpster.

We deliver dumpsters on wheels across the region, serving customers in and around Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County and Stafford County.

Prohibited Items



Chemicals or Hazardous Items

Animal Carcasses (no seriously)



Dirt, Concrete, & Red Brick

Roofing Materials Limited to 25 Squares

Mattresses & Box Springs


Flammable Liquids