Got Questions?

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How do I book a trailer?

From the “Book Now” button on our website, check our availability, then give us a call. We take it from there.

When do you deliver?

By default, Mobiledumps delivers between 7:00 – 11:30 in the morning. However, if a specific delivery time is needed, please request it in the dumpster placement notes when booking.

What if it rains on my delivery date?

Like the mail, we always deliver, whether rain or shine. But if it’s not convenient for your schedule and we are able, we will honor a rescheduling request, for an associated fee.

Do you load the trailer for me?

Our service differs from providers who also offer labor. With Mobiledumps, the loading is up to you. This often appeals to our customers, as it eliminates the rush and pressure of having paid labor waiting on site. You can take as much time as you need to decide what to keep or discard. Plus, handling it yourself makes the process more cost-effective! A win-win solution.

What do I do when I am done loading?

Absolutely nothing. We’ll come to pick up the trailer at the end of your booking, and if you’re done early, give us a call. Depending on our schedule, we’ll drive out and pick it up right away.

Can I put anything in the trailer?

Be sure and check our list of “Prohibited Items” before loading. For example, we do not accept hazardous materials or organic remains (dead animals).

Do you recycle?

Mobiledumps is a “green” company, and we’ll always try our best to recycle whatever we can! We definitely recycle metals, cardboard, yard debris (and more); you can find our full recycling list on our website.