Mobiledumps was started in late 2018 by Cam Morrison in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Cam is an accomplished entrepreneur who identified an unmet need in the market between the junk removal companies and the traditional roll off dumpster. Mobiledumps is a professional, timely, cost-effective dumpster service where residential and commercial customers can schedule the drop offs and pickups and manage the “throwing away process” on their time. He started with a couple trailers and was off and dumping.

“Mobiledumps is totally unique in the market. Our dumpsters on wheels, reasonable fixed pricing, and commitment to customer service really make the difference!”

-Cam Morrison of Mobiledumps

The reception from the market has been great, from both commercial and residential customers, and the company’s Mobiledump count is growing to meet the demand. In May 2019, the Company partnered with 4848 Ventures, LLC, a Richmond, Virginia-based private equity firm and has exciting plans to continue its growth in Central Virginia as well as new markets throughout the U.S.

mobiledumps founder cam morrison