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Eric Sarlls and Tony Wolverton - Owner Of Mobiledumps In Houston, TX

We’re Eric Sarlls and Tony Wolverton, the owners of Mobiledumps in Houston and the surrounding area.

Tony was born and raised in the greater Houston area. After graduating from Katy High School in 1995, he spent the next 22 years in the United States Navy. He retired in 2017 and returned home in 2018. He loves spending time with his family, following Houston sports teams and volunteering.

Eric has been a business owner in the Katy area for decades. He loves his family, construction and serving in his church. He has many talents, but one his best is backing up a trailer. He’s a pro who can thread a needle with a Mobiledump!

Tony and Eric met in Houston during the 2021 freeze. One of Tony’s rental houses had a pipe burst and, like everyone else during that time, he had a hard time tracking down a contractor for repairs.

His tenant mentioned that her friend knew a contractor, and the rest is history. Eric’s general contracting firm, Advanced Construction Systems, came to the rescue and got the demolition completed, dried out the master bedroom and bathroom, and completed the build-back with great efficiency and fair pricing.

Tony was impressed with Eric’s organization and operations management skills — and saw that he was an all-around great guy. They kept in touch and when the opportunity came along to open a Mobiledumps franchise, they decided to open and operate a company together. They are excited about what the future holds for the company and look forward to serving the Houston area.

Prohibited Items



Chemicals or Hazardous Items

Animal Carcasses (no seriously)



Dirt & Concrete

Roofing Materials Limited to 25 Squares

Mattresses & Box Springs


Flammable Liquids

Why Mobiledumps®?

Large Capacity

Large Capacity

Our trailers have more than enough space for your project. With 14 cubic yards of space, they’re the goliath of the mobile waste-disposal world – equivalent to eight or more pickup truck loads. With 4-foot-high walls, there’s ample room for you to securely pack in your waste.

Effortless Loading

Effortless Loading

Ease of use is in our DNA. Our trailers feature convenient “swing-open” back doors designed close to the ground to make loading a breeze. No more straining or stretching – just simple, straightforward loading.

Damage-Free Guarantee

Damage-Free Guarantee

Say goodbye to worries about heavy drop-off trucks or weighty roll-offs damaging your driveway or nearby roads. Our wheel-based dumpsters keep your property pristine while efficiently managing your waste.

Precision Placement

Precision Placement

Our dumpsters aren’t just adequately sized; they’re also nimble. Thanks to their wheeled design, we can place them in areas typical roll-off dumpsters wouldn’t dare go. This ease of access simplifies your loading process and eradicates the need for unsightly and potentially unlawful street placement. Plus, our dumpsters are as chic as waste management gets – attractive, homeowners association-friendly, and don’t require special placement permits.

Residential and Commercial Dumpster Rentals in Houston, TX

Getting rid of materials you no longer need, whether they come from decluttering your home, construction projects, or other events, is a labor-intensive task. Making this work as easy as possible is important for all involved. This is where our Mobiledumps units come into play. Our mobile dump trailer rental for waste removal gives you 14 cubic yards of room to dispose of your onsite materials. Since it is a mobile dumpster, you can position it in multiple locations as needed to complete your debris removal work in Houston, TX even faster.

Mobiledumps for Efficient Waste Removal

Our rolloff dumpster alternative units house a large amount of space for junk and debris, the volume equivalent to the capacity of at least eight pickup trucks. Beyond their ability to hold a large quantity of material, the dumpster trailers provide easy access for on-site personnel with low decks and rear doors that swing outward. They feature 4-foot high walls that keep your waste material securely in place. The mobility of these dumpsters allow you to transfer them to different locations, giving them an advantage over traditional roll-off dumpsters.

The Easy Mobiledumps Process

You can quickly schedule a Mobiledump unit to come to your location. Simply click the “Book Now” button on our website and provide your location information. We will send a dumpster trailer to your commercial location or residence, and leave it exactly where you want it. Then, at your own pace, fill up the dumpster. Once you are finished, we will send someone out to haul it away.

Whether you need a large or small dumpster rental to remove your junk or debris, Mobiledumps may be the perfect solution for your residential or commercial waste removal needs.

Get a Mobile Dumpster Rental Near Me in Houston, TX

For more information about Mobiledumps rentals for your commercial or residential waste removal requirements, give us a call today at (832) 535-1589. Or, book a mobile dumpster through our website.